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We just about do it all. We’ve advised, solved, written and assisted our community with nearly everything that has called or walked in the door. If it’s legal – we’re here to advise and help. If it’s practical, we help with that too. We never charge for just a call or visit to see or hear from you, or to understand your situation and explain your options. We don’t screen calls and we try to visit personally with walk-ins. You won’t get a phone recording that never lets you talk to a real attorney. We always call you back.




Business Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


Snyder Beaudry & Cook caters to Montana businesses, whether startup, selling, adding partners, or solving conflict. We regularly handle business entity formation, operating agreements, contracts, partner and shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, and all other business-related matters. Our goal is to draft clean agreements to preemptively avoid legal issues for our clients.


Real Estate Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


Beautiful Flathead Valley brings unique challenges. We’ve written contracts, deeds, easements, solved boundary issues and reviewed title reports on Flathead and Lake County properties (and elsewhere) for our entire forty-year history. We work with buyers, sellers and brokers. We’ll advise and assist with basic landlord/tenant issues to complex real estate transactions. We work with many homeowner associations, writing and updating covenants and helping owners understand them. If it’s real estate, we’ve done it all, many times. Let us help you understand and create or solve your property needs and goals.


Criminal Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


For many people, criminal charges can be extremely frightening and intimidating. In these circumstances, it is important to have an experienced criminal law attorney to protect your rights. At Snyder Beaudry & Cook, we understand the importance of protecting our clients’ rights, and we have the experience necessary to handle criminal matters from misdemeanor traffic tickets to serious felonies, including homicides.


Will and Estate Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


Estate planning has been a major point of focus at our office for over 40 years. Every estate is unique -- there is no “one size” for your situation or family. Whether a simple will and powers of attorney, or more elaborate trust or tax planning, we’ll patiently customize your plan to your circumstances. We’ll spend time getting to know you and learn your priorities. We’ll explain options, consequences and costs. Our goal is to create a clean and simple estate plan to minimize or eliminate probate. We make house calls. We’ll visit a hospital or nursing home. We deal with blended families and families with strife. We also offer revocable and irrevocable trusts for clients with special circumstances and/or multiple properties in different states.


Elder Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


Sometimes our loved ones need an extra helping hand with medical, financial, or basic daily needs. We specialize in evaluating a senior’s needs and goals. We always recommend that family use powers of attorney where they can. But sometimes more is required. Judicial guardian and conservatorships are a last resort, but sometimes necessary when practical or legal issues come in conflict. We’ll work with medical and financial colleagues to design and help you through the process.


Probate Law Kalispell Bigfork Flathead Valley - Snyder Beaudry & Cook


It’s hard losing a loved one. Our counsel and staff pride ourselves on gently assisting families with the legal issues that arise when a loved one passes. We handle all forms of estate administration – from just preparing or filing legal forms, all the way to cleaning a house and selling it and its contents. We know and understand it all – cars, boats, firearms, mineral interests, needed tax returns, IRA’s – all of it. We’ll negotiate with creditors, help clear titles, assist with transfers and provide complete accounting and transparency to all heirs.

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